Tenon Replacements

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How do you avoid a tenon replacement on your bassoon or bass clarinet? These instruments are very long and are sometimes difficult to handle for a student that is a little more vertically challenged. Try using a neck strap to steady the instrument. The peg on the bass clarinet and the seat strap on the bassoon help adjust for the height of the instrument but doesn’t necessarily help balance and steady it for the player. Also, make sure that the bassoon has all the parts for the locking pin. The locking pin joins the long and wing joints together and helps to ease the pressure on the lower tenons. If these instruments are dropped, there is a very high chance that those end tenons will snap off into the socket. Be proactive and look at preventative measures today to avoid a costly repair later. If you need it however, we are equipped with a lathe and can replace a tenon for you.

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