Muramatsu Authorized Repair



If you are the proud owner of a handmade silver, gold or platinum flute we know that you have made not only a substantial financial investment but you are also invested in your career through your education, practice time and experience.  We at North Georgia Band respect your investment and are proud to offer service for professional flutes by Keren Barr.  Keren is both a Muramatsu and Straubinger Certified flute technician and services all makes and models of professional instruments.  These services include:

  • Regulation and Adjustment – Each pad is adjusted to properly seal, key mechanisms are regulated and oiled, and springs are adjusted.
  • Clean, Oil and Adjust – Key mechanisms are disassembled, unpinned, cleaned and polished.  Head joint, body and foot joint are cleaned and polished.  Head cork is replaced (if needed) and instrument is regulated and adjusted.
  • Repad – All pads, shims and key corks are removed and replaced with your choice of pad (contact us for more information about options).  Tone holes and pad cups are inspected and substantial variations are corrected for an additional fee.  A Clean, Oil and Adjust is performed and the head cork replaced.
  • Mechanical Overhaul – Key mechanisms are refit to meet or exceed factory specifications, tone holes and pad cups are leveled and dressed, dents are removed, springs are adjusted and replaced as needed, worn parts are replaced, and a full repad is performed with your choice of pads.
  • Head joint embouchure hole correction (solid silver, gold and platinum head joints only)
  • Dent work
  • Soldering
  • Tone hole and pad cup correction
  • Headjoint and Footjoint tenon and socket refitting
  • Individual pad, spring and cork replacement

Muramatsu Flute Service

Muramatsu flutes are among the highest quality flutes in the world.  In order to keep them in optimal condition it is important to have them serviced by experienced technicians who are specially trained in the proper techniques and methods unique to the Muramatsu flute.  All Muramatsu flutes are handmade in Japan by skilled craftsmen at the factory in Tokorozawa near Tokyo.  All contemporary Muramatsu flutes mde for the American market are designed for A=442 Hz pitch.

Muramatsu pads installed in instruments manufactured after 2005 are unique in design and differ greatly from traditional felt pads.  They have a rigid brass backing that is layered with a silicone cushion, synthetic felt, and two layers of waterproof skin.  The brass pad backing has a recess machined in it that creates an air gap below the silicone cushion that optimizes the pad seal.

Keren is one of only two Muramatsu Certified technicians in the southeast United States and was trained by Paul Rabinov in California.

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Straubinger Pad Service

Straubinger Pads are designed specifically for handmade flutes and consist of different materials and components than a traditional pad.  The patented pad support unit and profiled washer are machined to close tolerances, one at a time, on a high precision lathe.

Straubinger Pads are installed on flutes by several of the world’s top manufacturers including Powell, Yamaha and Miyazawa, among others.

Handmade flutes using traditional felt pads can be modified to use Straubinger pads with our Straubinger Conversion work.  The instrument must be in the very finest mechanical condition in order for the pads to be installed properly.  The tone holes must be shaped correctly and the key cups perfectly aligned over the tone holes.  The spuds must be at a precise height and the screw washers / grommets a particular shape.

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