Why is annual maintenance so important?

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Practically every day in our repair shop we come across emergency repairs. What we discover is that these repairs are not a result of a traumatic injury but rather a slow break down over time from lack of regular maintenance.  Pads and corks are not designed to last 20+ years and brass was not designed to withstand the biological hazards of a player’s genetic make up.

We often liken the world of instruments to the world of cars.  You would not buy a car and expect to never have to change the tires or replace any of the spark plugs.  Just like cars, instruments need regular maintenance too.  I have often thought that perhaps if we installed a sticker on the inside of your cases like the quick change oil companies that we would see customers’ faces a little more often.

It is in the best interest of your instrument to bring it in yearly for a checkup at the repair shop.  We can look it over, clean it up, and ward off any potential emergencies that might pop up in the future.  We look forward to seeing you in the shop soon!