When is it time for your instrument to be retired?

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We are in the instrument repair business and it not often that we come across an instrument that we feel cannot be repaired but it is not totally out of the question that it happens.  Here are a few helpful hints to let you know when to let that instrument retire.  You know it’s time to retire your instrument when…

  • When the repair costs outweigh the value of the instrument.  It is sometimes a better idea to reinvest your money into a new instrument as opposed to pouring it into an outdated or less desirable horn.
  • When the mechanics are outdated.  Despite the fact that band instruments have been around for hundreds of years, there have been modern improvements to the key mechanism, pad styles, and screw systems to make playability much easier.
  • When the instrument has been repaired so often that it will no longer play at it’s best even with a complete overhaul.   Be happy that it played so well for so long and let it go.
  • When the instrument has suffered severe trauma.  Sometimes even though we can put humpty dumpty back together again it may not ever play exactly the same.
  • When the player has outgrown the instrument.  As students progress in their studies they need a more advanced instrument to help with better tone production and technical facility.

With all of these things in mind, consider whether or not your instrument should be repaired.  We want you to bring it to us, of course but we want it to be worth it!