What’s up with cases?

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Are cases really all that important?
Yes! Aside from the convenience factor of being able to transport your instrument in a smaller more convenient package, they are also there to protect your horn.

The case nesting is cut from protective foam that was specifically molded for your instrument’s parts. Notice I didn’t say it was molded for your books, cleaning cloths, keys, tuners, or whatever else you might want to stick in there? A case is a convenient package but not for everything you own.


Think of your instrument as the stuffing of an Oreo and the case is the cookie. The cookie protects the stuffing and there is not really any room for other items inside the chocolately sandwich. Sure there might be a little room around the edges but would you risk ruining the stuffing by trying to jam your music in there with it? The stuffing is delicate and needs to be treated with tender care, just like your instrument.

Ok, I know, sometimes there are designated spaces for your mouthpiece and cork grease. But let’s just keep those items in their designated areas and no extras!

And about that cleaning cloth…if it’s wet please don’t put it back in the case. What’s the point of cleaning out your instrument if you’re going to put the moisture right back in the with the instrument and in a small confined space no less?! In fact, let’s just keep all the cloths outside of the case. That goes for pad savers too!

Needless to say, your case is a very important part of your instrument and it must be used correctly! Otherwise, you’ll be visiting our shop sooner than you would like!