Overhaul or Lamp? Woodwind Edition

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We see so many instruments at the beginning of the school year that have been hiding out in a closet for the last twenty or so years just waiting patiently for someone to play it again.  When it emerges from the dust bunny corral and coughs and wheezes it’s way to the repair shop for a tune up, it’s up to us, the repair technicians to evaluate it and decide: is it worth an investment to get it back into playing condition (an overhaul) or is it ready to be made into a lamp?

Here are several factors that we consider when we evaluate the instruments:

  • Who is the manufacturer?  Is the instrument still being produced?
  • Are there any parts missing?  Are the parts still available?
  • What is the condition of the pads and corks?  Have pad mites invaded the instrument or case?
  • How are the mechanics of the keys?  Is there a lot of side to side wiggle or are they still tightly fit to the posts?
  • Does the cost of an overhaul surpass the value of the instrument?
  • Will restoring this instrument be a better investment than purchasing a new one? (In many cases the older model student line instruments are a higher quality than current production)
  • Is there any sentimental or historical value of the instrument?

The answers to all of these questions help us to evaluate whether to not your instrument is ready for an overhaul or ready to get fitted for its shade.  Bring in your instrument to be evaluated today!