It’s Marching Band Season!

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School’s back in session and that means that marching band is in full swing!  We are already seeing some of the first casualties from the games and so we have composed a few helpful tips to keep your instruments healthy during the season.

  • Never leave your instrument unattended!  If you have to set it down, be mindful of where you put it.  Don’t leave it in an area where it might get sat upon, stepped on, or driven over.  It’s best to give it to a friend to hold or at least keep an eye on.
  • Woodwinds need to lubricate all key mechanisms with oil to prevent rusting from humidity and rain.  One of the worst instruments to succumb to rust is the clarinet.  So get those oilers out and help prevent a major surgery for your instrument!
  • Brass players need to oil their valves EVERY time the instrument is played.  They also need to make sure that the slides are properly greased and that they move them every time they play.
  • All players need to remove as much moisture as they can from the instrument after playing.  This might be swabbing or emptying water keys or running a cloth around the outside.  All moisture can damage an instrument!
  • Percussionists need to make sure that they are regularly changing the heads on their drums.  Old heads can change the tone color of the drum because they are worn out.  Also stands need to be regularly checked to ensure that all the parts are still there (felts, wing nuts, and plastic tubing for spindles).  Playing with missing parts can cause long term damage.

We hope these tips are helpful for you to keep your instrument healthy all marching band season!