At Home Brass Instrument Cleaning

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In order to maintain your brass instrument it MUST be chemically cleaned at least once a year. In between your chemical cleanings, it is also a good idea to bathe your brass instrument. Keeping it free of dirt and grime will result in a better playing instrument! Here’s a little how to guide on what you should do:

Do-it-yourself non-chemical flush (every 90 days)
o Use LUKEWARM water ONLY!
o Take pictures of complex parts for easy reassembly (i.e. Rotary Valve Linkage, valve assemblies, French Horn/Euphonium slide order)image
o Disassemble instrument and remove any felts and/or corks – set these aside
o Use a mild detergent or degreaser (dish detergent, Simple Green) in a very small ratio to water
o Using only non-abrasive vinyl or plastic brushes, clean all tubes, all valves, bottom caps, and snake the bell, paying special attention to mouthpipes and lower portions of slides (any area where moisture collects)
o Clean all lacquered/plated surfaces BY HAND ONLY!
o Allow to dry completely before reassembly

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at the shop! Happy cleaning!