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We are clearing out some space for this summer’s repairs and we have a TON of stuff to get rid of in a hurry!

Everything is being sold on a first-come first-served basis – if you see something you like please let us know ASAP and we can either make arrangements to deliver it to you or you can come to the shop to pick it up!

We won’t be able to bill any of this stuff – we must have payment when it’s delivered.  Cash, school check, personal check, or credit card either on-site or over the phone.  Nothing will be held back for anyone.

Credit card purchases will incur a 3% fee.  Anything sold to anyone other than a school will have sales tax added.

Everything in life is negotiable but come with your best offers – at these prices this stuff is going to go QUICK!

We will update this list as items are sold!


Woodwind Instruments:

SOLD! Yamaha YFL-581 Flute with Straubinger Conversion – $2,200.00
This flute is the same as Yamaha’s current day professional model YFL-684.  It includes a solid silver CY-cut head joint, inline G, solid silver body and silver-clad key mechanism with French pointed arms and open holes.  It has been completely mechanically overhauled by Keren Barr and has been converted for Straubinger pads.  This flute plays and sounds like a handmade instrument for a FRACTION of the price!!  Includes a French-style case and cover.

SOLD! – 1973 Buffet R13 Clarinet – $975.00
Yes, a REAL Buffet “Golden Era” R13 Clarinet for under $1,000!  This clarinet has been completely mechanically overhauled and has nickel keys.  The upper joint is padded with premium cork pads and the lower joint with very high-quality Kraus bladder pads.  There have been no cracks in the wood and it plays like new!  Includes a newer-style Buffet leather case.

SOLD! – Ridenour RCP-596BC Professional Clarinet – $550.00
This clarinet is made from hard rubber (the same material that professional mouthpieces are made from).  If you are not familiar with Ridenour clarinets please take a moment to read about them at http://www.ridenourclarinetproducts.com/ – This package includes a Ridenour Handmade Mouthpiece

Brass Instruments

SOLD! Yamaha YTR-8335S Xeno Trumpet – $950.00
This trumpet has been chemically cleaned and had several dents removed from the bell.  Many of the dents were quite sharp which has left some scars and scratches however the silver plating is 100% intact and the valves are at factory specifications.  At this price this instrument will go QUICK!

SOLD! – Getzen Custom Series 3051S Trumpet – $1,000.00
This trumpet is NEW – it came to us from a music store that went out of business and was unsold inventory.  It is therefore in new condition and has the legendary buttery smoothness of Getzen valves!  This instrument competes with (and many say beats!) the Bach Stradivarius trumpets and includes a one piece hand-hammered heavy gold brass bell.  The entire instrument is plated in heavy silver.  Read more about the Getzen Custom Series at http://getzen.com/trumpet/bbcustom/3051.shtml

SOLD! Blessing B-88 Artist F-Attachment Trombone – $500.00
This is an older-model Blessing F-attachment trombone with a copper bell.  It has been chemically cleaned and dents removed from the bell and main tuning slide.  As with most older instruments there is some lacquer wear and scarring from previous dent work however the slide is EXCELLENT with no dents or bends and the stocking plating is 100%!  This is a GREAT step-up instrument for your band program or a promising student.  It includes a very nice ProTec professional case!

SOLD! Yamaha YBB-321 Tuba – $900.00
Yep, that’s right – a 4-valve piston tuba for under a thousand!  This one won’t win any beauty contests – it came to us quite beaten up, moderately worn lacquer, the classic “ovaled” back ferrule and had some small cracks in the bottom bow near the ferrule to the 2nd branch.  We chemically cleaned it, patched the cracks and did our economy dent work on it – we were even able to get the ferrule round again!  It turned out pretty well and plays like new!  The valves meet factory specifications and with proper maintenance will provide many, many more years of reliable service.  It even includes a Yamaha case!  I guarantee you won’t find a better tuba anywhere for this price!

Percussion Instruments

SOLD! GMS Grand Master Series 5 Pc. Drumkit (Drums only – no hardware or cymbals) – $1,500.00
GMS has quietly made some of the finest drums in the world right here in the U.S.A. for nearly 25 years.  Using Keller shells built to their specifications and solid brass, chrome-plated, nodally-mounted tube lugs, a proprietary floating mounting system and an amazing array of lacquered finishes they are a leap above any other drum out there today.  This particular set is finished in a clear amber lacquer and consists of four toms and a bass drum (sorry, no snare!) in the following sizes:
10 x 8 Rack Tom
12 x 10 Rack Tom
14 x 12 Rack Tom
16 x 16 Floor Tom
22 x 16 Bass
Humes & Berg Tuxedo Bags for all drums are included!
The set is absolutely pristine with no scratches in the lacquer and only a small area of pitting on the floor tom rims.

All mouthpieces have been cleaned and inspected for defects.  They are all in good used condition except where noted
Vandoren 2V with Bonade Ligature & Cap – $35
SOLD! Vandoren B45 with Rovner Ligature – $35
SOLD! Brilhart Nilo Hovey B3 – $20
SOLD! Selmer Paris HS* with Selmer Paris Ligature & Cap – $30
SOLD! Selmer Paris HS* – Small tooth divot in face – $20

Alto Saxophone:
Eugene Rousseau – $40

Bach 7C – $15

Bach 1C – $20
Bach 1 1/2 C – $20
Bach 1 1/2 C – $20
SOLD! Bach 3C – $20
SOLD! Bach 5C – $20
SOLD! Schilke 14A4A (Similar to 5B / 5C) – $20
SOLD! Schilke 14 (Similar to 5B / 5C) – $20

Holton Farkas MC – $15
SOLD! Blessing 11 – $10

Schilke 52D LARGE SHANK (Similar to 4G) – $30

Schilke 66 – $40
Bach 18 – $40
Bach 24AW – $40
SOLD! Marcinkiewicz Rose Model LS – $40
SOLD! Yamaha 67C4 – $30

SOLD! – Reunion Blues Detachable Bell Horn Gig Bag, Blue – $50 (Some minor wear on front)
SOLD! – Yamaha Black Professional Alto Saxophone Case – $40
– Yamaha Detachable Bell Horn Case – $60 (MINT Condition, made for YHR-667D or 668D, may fit other models / manufacturers)
SOLD! – Fox Bassoon Wood Case – $100 (MINT Condition!  Made for Fox Bassoons, May fit others)
SOLD! – Jupiter B-Foot French-Style Flute Case with Cover – $25 (MINT CONDITION!!)

Woodwind Accessories

SOLD! – Buffet R13 660 Barrel – NEW! – $50.00
This can serve as a replacement for a cracked or missing R13 barrel or replace the barrel on another brand of instrument to get a better sound!

Brass Accessories
SOLD! – Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trumpet – $70 (Read about it here – http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/winds/silentbrass/)
SOLD! – Yamaha Silent Brass System for Tuba – $150
SOLD! – Harmon “Wah-Wah” Trumpet Mute – $15
SOLD! – Harmon Straight Mute – $5
SOLD! – Stone Cup Mute – $5

Percussion Accessories
SOLD! – 2 Yamaha CH745 Boom Cymbal Arms – $10 Each
SOLD! – Gibraltar Basic Grabber Clamp – $7