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In preparation for our upcoming move we are finding a LOT of stuff that we would much rather make someone a great deal on than move.  Therefore we are offering some incredible prices on a number of instruments and accessories!

Everything is being sold on a first-come first-served basis – if you see something you like please let us know ASAP and we can either make arrangements to deliver it to you or you can come to the shop to pick it up!

FOR SCHOOLS Рwe will be happy to bill your account and send you a invoice immediately for whatever items you would like HOWEVER PLEASE do everything you can to get these invoices paid ASAP!

FOR EVERYONE РCredit card purchases will incur a 3% fee.  Anything sold to anyone other than a school will have sales tax added.

Everything in life is negotiable but come with your best offers – at these prices this stuff is going to go QUICK! ¬†We’re happy to “make a deal” or create a package price however if someone takes your item at full price while we’re negotiating then you’ll be sad!

INSTRUMENT SALES –¬†All our refurbished instruments will carry a 90-day warranty on parts and labor (accidental or intentional damage excluded, of course). ¬†“Bargain Bin” instruments do not qualify for this warranty.

We will update this list as items are sold!  We will try to get everything out to you this week however it may be delivered in a couple of weeks since we will be closed NEXT week.


Woodwind Instruments

SOLD – Gemeinhart¬†KG¬†Special Flute – $599 –¬†Excellent condition! ¬†Solid silver head joint and body, gold lip plate, open hole, inline G, B foot. ¬†SUPERB Value for a solid silver flute!

SOLD – Gemeinhardt 3B Flute – $329 –¬†Excellent condition, silver-plated head and body, open hole, inline G, B foot

SOLD – Yamaha YFL-200AD Flute – $269 –¬†Excellent condition, silver-plated head and body, plateau keys, offset G, C foot

SOLD – Leblanc Noblet Eb Clarinet – $1,000 –¬†AMAZING condition! ¬†This Eb clarinet with SILVER keys is truly a work of art! ¬†It is in virtually flawless condition! ¬†It has had a complete mechanical overhaul and is padded with premium bladder pads.

SOLD¬†–¬†Selmer Bundy Eb Clarinet – $449 –¬†Don’t be fooled by the Bundy name – this is a VERY high quality composite Eb clarinet and the price is right!

SOLD РYamaha YCL-34 Clarinet Р$399 РLIKE NEW!  This is an entry-level wood clarinet by Yamaha!  It has been repadded with high-quality synthetic OmniPads.  Great step-up from a plastic horn!

SOLD¬†–¬†Selmer Signet Special Clarinet – $349 –¬†Excellent condition! ¬†Great intermediate wood clarinet for a GREAT price!

– Buffet B12 Clarinet – $299 –¬†Overhauled with OmniPads, the finest beginner clarinet!

– Selmer CL300 Clarinet – $269 –¬†Great beginner instrument!

–¬†Selmer CL300 Clarinet – $239 –¬†Some mild plating wear on the keys

–¬†Vito 7214 Clarinet – $239 –¬†Great condition plastic beginner clarinet!

–¬†Selmer Liberty Clarinet – $229 –¬†Excellent condition, Selmer import line

SOLD¬†–¬†Jupiter JAS-769 Alto Saxophone – $499 –¬†Intermediate model, includes High F# and lacquered keys. ¬†Excellent condition but does not include a mouthpiece!

Brass Instruments

SOLD – Yamaha YTR-232S Trumpet – $329 –¬†Excellent condition! ¬†Older model¬†SILVER¬†Yamaha Trumpet!

SOLD – Bach Mercedes IIS Trumpet – $299 –¬†Excellent condition! ¬†SILVER!!

SOLD – Holton T602P Trumpet – $229 –¬†This one is in great shape, has come minor cosmetic damage to the bell rim. ¬†Damage was repaired however “scarring” remains

SOLD – Bach Bundy Trumpet – $199 –¬†A venerable old Bundy trumpet in excellent condition!

PENDING – Yamaha YHR-668N Double Horn –¬†$2,600 – INCREDIBLE, AMAZING DEAL!! ¬†With only a few minor scratches in the finish this Kruspe-wrap (same as Conn 8D/9D and Holton 179) nickel double horn is in nearly-new condition!

SOLD – Holton H179 Double Horn – $1,200 – WOW!!! ¬†A PRO-LINE Double Horn for $1,200??!?! ¬†Yes, that’s not a misprint! ¬†The catch? ¬†This horn is UNLACQUERED! ¬†Therefore it is mostly gray in color and not shiny. ¬†Mechanically it is in superb condition and would be a great instrument for a school or a student!

– Late 1950’s Olds Recording Trombone – $300 –¬†Own a piece of history! ¬†This trombone is in great mechanical shape with some lacquer wear. ¬†Includes the original case in excellent condition!

“Bargain Bin” Instruments (NO WARRANTY ON THESE!)

SOLD –¬†King Lemaire Alto Saxophone – $150 –¬†This saxophone was likely made by Amati in Czechoslovakia, imported for King by SML. ¬†There’s nothing special about it (aside from some neat-looking key guards). ¬†We will make sure that it is in playable condition and replace any torn pads but that’s it.

SOLD – Cleveland / H. N. White (King) Tenor Saxophone – $250 –¬†If you need an extra tenor sax around then this is your horn! ¬†It is in really nice cosmetic condition and will be fully playable.

SOLD – Jupiter JSL-432R Trombone – $100 –¬†This trombone had a pretty heavy buckle in the bell throat that has been marginally repaired as well as a fair amount of lacquer wear. ¬†There is no case or mouthpiece but has a pretty good handslide and will make a great classroom horn or “beater”.


SOLD – NEW!! ¬†Tuba Exchange 4/4 Tuba Gig Bag – $100 –¬†BRAND NEW!!! ¬†See details on this bag here –¬†

–¬†Holton Black Fabric-Covered¬†Double Horn Case – $100 – EXCELLENT CONDITION!

– Yamaha Detachable Bell Horn Case – $25 –¬†Stock Yamaha detachable bell horn case. ¬†Unfortunately we don’t know which model it fits! ¬†If you have any detachable bell Yamaha horns then give this a shot – if it doesn’t work we won’t charge you for it!

– Yamaha (?) 26″ x 14″ Molded Plastic Bass Drum Case (Gray) – $20 –¬†This looks like one of the older gray Yamaha drum cases.

Drumheads $5.00 EACH! (These are all NEW and may or may not include a box!)

– Aquarian FB24 24″ Force Ebony Drumset Front (Resonant) Side Bass Drum Head WITH PORT –¬†Has a small scratch in the front

– Evans S13H20 13″ Hazy Snare-Side Resonant¬†

SOLD – Remo Falams II 14″ Batter

SOLD – Remo Clear Pinstripe 14″ Batter

SOLD – Remo Fiberskyn 3 FA 14″ Batter

SOLD – Remo 14″ Ambassador Clear Batter or Resonant

SOLD – Aquarian 14″ Snare Side Resonant Classic Clear

SOLD – Aquarian 14″ American Vintage Medium Batter

– Remo 25″ White Timpani – Should fit 23″ drums with extended collars (most all modern timpani)

Mouthpieces – No chips or cracks – good used condition

Clarinet – All come with stock ligature and cap

– B. Portnoy BP02 – $25
– Noblet 2 – $15

– Bruno Royal Artist M0 – $25
– Guy Hawkins 3 – $25
SOLD – Vandoren B46 (NOT B45!) – $30
SOLD – Vandoren 5RV Lyre – $30
SOLD –¬†
Vandoren B40 – $30

Alto Saxophone – No Ligature or Cap

– Clark Fobes Debut – $40

Bass Clarinet

SOLD – 2 LEFT! Vandoren B45 – Includes ligature, no Cap – $60
Р2 LEFT! NEW IN BOX! Jupiter JWM-BCK1 Mouthpiece Kit w/ Cap and Ligature Р$30


SOLD – Conn 4 – $5


SOLD – Bach 7C – $5


SOLD – Schilke 31C2 – $30
SOLD – Holton Farkas MC – $25

Trombone –¬†Small Shank

– E-Z Tone – $5
SOLD – Bach 6 1/2 AL – $20
– Benge 12C – $20
– Getzen 12C – $15
– Blessing 12C – $15
SOLD – Yamaha 48 – $15
SOLD – Bach 12C – $20
– Generic 12C – $10

Trombone – Large Shank

SOLD – Yamaha 48L – $25


– Bach 18 – $40
SOLD – “Kellyberg” Clear Plastic (no color), Helleberg Copy – $10


SOLD – 3 LEFT! Aluminum Trumpet Straight Mute – $5
SOLD – Humes & Berg Trumpet Straight Mute – $5
SOLD – Humes & Berg Trumpet Cup Mute – $5
SOLD – Aluminum Trumpet Metal Plunger Mute – $5
SOLD – Jo-Ral Trumpet Harmon Mute – $25
SOLD – Aluminum Trombone Mute – $10


–¬†NEW Buffet R13 66.0 mm Clarinet Barrel – $40 –¬†This can serve as a replacement for a cracked or missing R13 barrel or replace the barrel on another brand of instrument to get a better sound!

SOLD – Bag of assorted mouthpiece caps, ligatures and saxophone end caps (some ligatures may be bent, missing screws, etc) – $15